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We Are Here For Those That Need Us!

A.F.T.E.R., Inc. is a Non-profit Organization that offers services to abused women and children that have left their abusers or are unfortunately still in the home with said abuser(s).

Owned and operated by Houston-native, Trenetra Trenice Mayo, who herself was abused at the hands of a domestic partner. In 2005, she finally got the courage to leave such a situation for the betterment of herself and her children, and create the A.F.T.E.R. organization.

A.F.T.E.R., Inc. will focus on, providing weekly counseling sessions and emotional support for women and children that are at desperate places in life due to abuse. In may cases we will be to help victims move forward with their lives by providing them with the necessary resources. Whether the abuse is sexual, physical, mental, financial or social, it all takes a toll on a individual so we are here to help lift their spirits and confidence in themselves as people; and in many cases “save lives”.

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